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Tue, Mar. 31st, 2015, 11:19 am
Motorcycle Date Review

Here is a mile by mile break down of my Sunday motorcycle riding date:
Start: Meet at Ocean Beach parking lot.
Mile 2: He road raged on a "cager"who was on his phone and not accelerating quickly enough.
Mile 15: He was annoyed that I wasn't following him and as he passed on the shoulder.
Mile 40: I dropped my bike at a stop sign.  Bend the fuck out of my break pedal.  Most damaged was to my pride.
Alice's Restaurant: After I get gas my bike will not start.  No lights.  Dude jumps into action and fixes my bike.  Color me impressed.
Mile ~80: Lunch and I know why more about basketball than he does.  He is confused by my knowledge or his lack there of.
Mile 120: He is annoyed that I will not pass on the shoulder when there is not shoulder on that part of the 1.
End: Pull up at Piston & Chain. he pulls off my break and bends it back in shape.
Verdict: Dating is the worst but at least there were motorcycles.

Thu, Sep. 25th, 2014, 11:03 am
Dating in sports terms

The other day someone asked me if I was married.  Then they asked me if I was a free agent.

I'm offended.  I know this wasn't meant to be offensive but it is.

A free agent is a player that has been released by a professional team and now is no longer affiliated with any club, but has not finished his or her professional career.

I know I'm 30 but I'd like to think I'm just starting my professional dating career.  Living in San Francisco is like being the the NFL Combine.

Mon, May. 12th, 2014, 06:40 pm
Drinks and Kinks Part 2

We went for drinks, now for the kink.

He says "I want to ask you something but I don't want to freak you out" This is not a good sign.

"No, eh, I don't know if I should"
"Well now I want to know"
"Can I pee on you?"
"We can go in the shower"
"You can put a towel down."
"No, do girls really say yes to this?"
"Yeah, a lot of girls say yes. So, do you want to go to the shower?"
"Come on, I like it"
"Have you ever tried it"
"We can trade for something. What do you want?"
"I want to not be peed on."
*long pause*
"are you sure?"
"I'm sure"

I don't hold his kink against him. I was just shocked that on the 3rd date he was going to go for it. If that is a deal killer for him then the deal has been killed.

I want to be as GGG as the next gal but I still think 3rd date is too soon to go this far out of the spectrum of average. If nothing else it's big sign he has no situational awareness. Plus I just don't want to be peed on.

Mon, May. 12th, 2014, 04:28 pm
Drinks and Kinks

Friday - 7:45 pm - Smuggler's Cove
Third Date with P. - After work drinks. One of my top ten bars in the city. I always order the Parisian Blonde. Rum and whipped cream in a pretty glass. I ordered him Don's Own Grog. Blackberry and rum over crushed ice. We sip our drinks in the crows nest and he tells me about his uncle that worked at Disneyland in the 80's and that he is conflicted about God and religion. I'm not in the mood for a crowded bar, we head out.

8:45 - Muka
It's quiet, dark. I order a Jack and Coke. They don't carry Jack as if it is a badge of honor. No, i don't want 4 Roses, I want Jack Daniels. I want a shot of Tellamore Dew and an IPA. But they don't have Tellamore Dew. This is not going well. I end up with the special barrel aged Manhattan. Delicious. P. orders a 12 year Glenlivet. He is a little bit of a jerk about it. I brush it off. Warns me that it is strong and tastes like straight whiskey (because it is) as he offers me a taste. He goes on to tell me that he has a bottle of this at Hakisan so he has VIP access. I don't believe him but don't call his bluff.

9:30 - My house
We order Grub Hub a pizza and then lay in bed watching Archer and making out.

If they date had ended here I would have been very happy. Gold star all in for date number 4. But then he had to push it. He says "I want to ask you something but I don't want to freak you out" This is not a good sign.

To be continued....

Mon, Apr. 21st, 2014, 10:25 pm
things that make me say no

A short list

Profile photo wearing a Google Glass, or obviously 8 years old, or with a girl, or improperly cropped, or without you in it.

Tue, Apr. 15th, 2014, 06:05 pm
Happy Hour

Bill - Beer Hall - Thursday, 6:33pm

I am late. I hate that but it is only by 3 minutes. I usually want to be early for the date so I can pick where we sit. (I'll work out my control freak issues with a therapist.) When I walk up to the bar he is waiting outside for me. +1 for being a gentleman. Those little things make me melt.

Usual pleasantries then go inside. I begin to judge him on his beer choice. I am not impressed. He said he likes Guinness. (Again, I will work out my beer snob issues with a therapist) He follows my lead and orders the same thing as me. Victory at Sea Coffee Vanilla Imperial Porter by Ballast Point, a personal favorite but also 10% ABV.

He is the archetype of the San Francisco tech guy. Programmer for Twitter. I don't use Twitter so we have nothing to talk about there. We both enjoy "the outdoors." That is a push, everyone enjoys the outdoors. We like a lot of the same music. He is 10 years older than me and doesn't go to punk shows anymore. I do and I love it.

We have a second drink. Overall he is really sweet. He makes me smile. He is shy but in a cute way. We plan a date for Saturday. We part ways and I walk home a little buzzed.

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